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Home Rink: Indoor Goals | Beaverton, Oregon


The most important part of youth roller hockey is allowing players to be creative and have fun. The Oregon Rollin' Reign's mission is to focus on a positive environment, equal learning, respect, dedication, and hard work. We always look to bring ever player up, and never tear anyone down as we represent the Oregon youth roller hockey community with pride and sportsmanship. Win, lose, or draw - we are a team.


Oregon Rollin' Reign coaches are dedicated to teaching our philosophy of playing as team first and individuals second.
Along with over 20 years of coaching experience all coaches are USA Hockey certified.

HEAD COACHES: Bryan Heim | Trevor Whitmore | Michael La Crosse
TEAMS MANAGER: Ashlee Whitmore


Oregon Rollin' Reign players compete to better themselves as much, if not more, than we compete to best others. We compete to support our teammates, thank our parents, and fulfill our roller hockey dreams. Roller hockey is an escape from the constraints of ice hockey, a chance to play fast, fun, and be creative. We know that positive energy brings positive results and we are more than hockey coaches and players. We are athletes, students of the game, passionate to performing, and nothing without our team.
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Reign Travel Teams (April-Aug. 2023)

The Oregon Rollin' Reign Travel Selects roller youth hockey program grew from the dream of playing roller hockey at the national level against some of the best youth hockey program players worldwide. Established in 2019 by Al Rogers, Bryan Heim, Trevor Whitmore, and Jeff McGillis, the Oregon Rollin' Reign Selects were born to do just that, compete at the national level. We are proud to say that our inaugural 10U selects team won the NARCH Finals Gold Medal in the Silver/Club Division, making them national champions. Back to Back gold medals with a 10U selects win in 2021 also. **YEARLY TRYOUTS REQUIRED**

Tryouts (2024) Tournaments 2023 Practice Schedule

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Titans Metro House Roller Hockey Titans Metro House Roller Hockey Titans Metro House Roller Hockey

Titans Metro House 2023

Titans Metro House youth Roller Hockey started in 1997/1998 and was founded by Todd and Meg Griswold in Beaverton, Oregon. The Titans have been part of the local community in Oregon for over 22 years. At the conclusion of the 2019 youth Roller Hockey season Todd and Meg retired and passed the Titans tourch on to Bryan Heim and Trevor Whitmore.

The Titans Metro Youth Roller Hockey program welcomes all youth roller hockey players from all skill levels and age groups between 10U-16U (8U-contact us).


Narch Players Narch Players Selects Roller Hockey

Drop-In and Mini Scramble Tournaments

Drop-In Practices and Mini Scramble Youth Hockey tournaments are open
to all skaters ages 6-14 and all skill levels. Divisions: 6U/8U/10U/12U/14U.
All mini-scramble teams are drafted and assigned.

Drop-In & Mini-Scramble Registration

Roller Hockey vs. Ice Hockey

The game of hockey is played worldwide with ice hockey as the most recognizable form of the sport. However, not all hockey is played on ice, Roller Hockey (inline hockey) is a form of hockey played in most major cities across the United States almost year round.

Roller Hockey, also known as “inline hockey,” is an alternative to ice hockey specifically during warm spring and summer months. Today, Roller Hockey exists in many different variations and has a passionate player following just like Ice Hockey.

Roller Hockey is a fast-pace competition game played four on four with a wide-open surface and the basic rules from hockey. Body contact is allowed, body checking is not. Roller Hockey has been played in one form or another for almost 150 years.


The game of Roller Hockey differs from ice hockey in a few simple ways: there is no icing, or off-sides and Roller Hockey is played with a 4 vs. 4 player format instead of 5 vs. 5 on ice. Roller Hockey team rosters are comprised of a maximum twelve (12) players, ten (10) skaters and two (2) goalkeepers are permitted.

All players on a Roller Hockey team are dressed uniformly with identical long-sleeve jerseys and full-length pants designed for Roller Hockey. All teams (rostered players) have distinctive and contrasting uniforms for their home and away sweaters.


Mandatory protective equipment is required for all players under the age of 18 and under.

Roller Hockey Equipment: (same as ice)
Helmet (with cage) | Shoulder Pads (optional) | Elbow Pads | Hockey Gloves
Protective Cup | Roller Hockey Pants | Roller Girdle (optional) | Shin Pads
Inline Skates (no brake) | Roller Hockey Wheels | Hockey Stick

HOME RINK: Indoor Goals | Beaverton, Oregon